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Cats + Nutrition

  • Soy proteins are the proteins found in the soybean and its products such as tofu. Isoflavones are a particularly important class of soy protein, and include the water-soluble compounds genistein and daidzein.

  • Thiamine deficiency used to be a common condition due to the fact that in days gone by, raw fish was a common component of a cat's diet. However, commercial manufacturers realized this problem and foods were fortified with thiamine and the disease was rarely seen.

  • Maintaining nutritional intake in sick cats is vitally important. Unlike healthy cats that are able to reduce their metabolic rate when not being fed, cats that are unwell are unable to turn their rate down and will therefore 'starve' much more quickly.

  • Cats do have a requirement for vitamin A in their diet and deficiency can lead to problems. However, too much vitamin A can also be harmful and this can lead to toxicity.

  • Vomiting describes the return of food from the stomach. It may be related to disorders of the stomach but is a sign that can occur with many other different diseases and problems.