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  • Owning a dog can be an extremely rewarding experience, but it also carries with it some responsibility. We hope these notes will give you some help.

  • Pyriproxifen is classified as an insect growth inhibitor, which prevents the growth of adult fleas. Your veterinarian has prescribed this medication for the control of the fleas.

  • Roundworms, nematodes or ascarid worms are intestinal parasites that live freely in the intestine, obtaining their nutriment from the partially digested intestinal contents.

  • The sarcoptic mite is responsible for canine scabies (sarcoptic mange). It lives just under the skin.

  • Selamectin is used for control of internal and external parasites. Your veterinarian may prescribe selamectin for treatment of roundworms, heartworm prevention, flea infestation, flea allergy dermatitis, mange in dogs, or ear mites in cats.

  • Tapeworms as their name suggests are flattened intestinal worms that are actually made up of many small segments about 3-4 mm long. Unlike roundworms which live freely in the bowel, tapeworms attach to the wall of the small intestine by hook like mouth parts.

  • Red-eared sliders (or terrapins), Trachemys scripta are commonly kept in New Zealand. They reach a large size and can be hard to keep with the result that they are often released (although this is illegal).

  • Ticks are common in Australia and problems associated with them vary from the benign bush tick which causes local skin irritation to the sometimes fatal paralysis tick seen mainly in coastal areas on the east coast of Australia.

  • Tick toxicity or paralysis in dogs is due to the toxin from a tick called Ixodes holocyclus or the paralysis tick.

  • Tick toxicity is due to the toxin from a tick called Ixodes holocyclus or the paralysis tick.