Our Caring & Compassionate Veterinary Team!

Meet the Veterinarians & Team of Belmont Avenue Veterinary Hospital! We’re pleased to provide exceptional vet care for your pets!

Please call us at 08 9277 4966 to speak to one of our caring veterinary staff members!


Dr. Bruce Gardner – B.Sc., B.V.M.S. (Hons), M.A.C.V.Sc., M.R.C.V.S.

Dr Bruce acquired the practice in 1988 and is the most senior Veterinarian of our staff. He has 30 years veterinary experience in many fields having worked at numerous veterinary centres including Melbourne University and overseas. He holds membership qualifications of the Australian College of Veterinary Science in Feline Medicine, and has a special interest in Feline Medicine, Diseases of the Eye and Soft Tissue Surgery.

Dr Paul Pendergast – B.Sc., B.V.M.S.

Paul is our second most senior Vet and has worked in Singapore, Mandurah and Adelaide. He had to return to Perth when the Dockers were formed. His special interests include Dentistry and Orthopaedic Surgery, and has currently finished studying Feline Medicine through the Sydney University Postgraduate Foundation.

Dr. Helen Mantle B.Sc., B.V.M.S

Helen graduated from Murdoch University, and has worked in mixed and small animal practice both in Australia and the U.K.  She has served on the committee of the AVA, and represented W.A. as a policy counciller to the national body.  She has also been a board member for the Continuing Education Foundation at Murdoch University.

Helen is interested in animal behaviour, the human-animal bond, and senior pet care.  Outside work she enjoys tennis, travel and down time with family and friends.

Dr. Marta Mos B.V.M.S

Marta aquired her Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine & Surgery degree from Murdoch University in 1994. Since that time she has been working in many small animal clinics and hospitals across the Perth Metropolitan Area. These consisted of general practices as well as emergency centres. She also took a few locum positions in the U.K. to broaden her experience.

Understanding that visiting the vet is often stressful for the pet, as well as the owner, Marta aims to practive in a thorough, gentle and consultative manner, with her favourite medical latin phrase being “primum non nocere” (first, do not harm).

Marta is keen to attend continuing veterinary education courses and adopt newly emerged trends. In her private life she enjoys listening to quality music, with a particular interest in tango music.


Alana – Cert IV Veterinary Nurse

Having grown up on a farm it was always evident that Alana would work with animals.

She is a qualified Veterinary Nurse who graduated in 1999 and has since worked at Belmont. She is a very capable nurse, and always remains strangely calm, even when the vets don’t!!

Brittany – Cert IV Veterinary Nurse

Brittany is one of our veterinary nurses, who has always loved animals (with a special interest in horses – although Belmont Ave does not treat them), and studied to complete her Certificate II in Animal Studies while she was still in high school!  She also has a Cert III in Animal Studies, and Equine Management.

Davina – Cert IV Veterinary Nurse/Puppy Pre-School Teacher

Davina is one of our nurses/receptionists, who has been at Belmont since late 1999. She loves all animals, but is especially interested in canine behaviour, and has been running puppy classes here since 2001.  Davina also teaches PUPi Management (dog training) classes; has been a temperament assessor/trainer for dog rescue; and is available for individual training and PUPi Home Management consultations (for dogs up to 12 months old).

Davina likes to train dogs on just a regular collar and lead, and doesn’t use treats, clickers, etc – only voice control and praise.

Kana – Cert IV Veterinary Nurse

Kana was born and raised in Japan and came to Australia in 2006.  She is a qualified and registered veterinary nurse, who graduated at Bentley TAFE in 2008.  Since 2012, she has been nursing full time at Belmont Ave.

Kana’s interests include surgical nursing, anaesthesia, patient care, and meeting fur friends (including grumpy cats!). Kana has two dogs:  Siona (staffy x) and Bruce (Cavoodle), and two domestic short hair cats:  Muffin and Cookie (both came to our clinic as strays).

Dan – Cert IV Veterinary Nurse

Bio coming soon!

Support Staff

Trish – Kennelhand

Trish is our dedicated kennelhand, who has been working at Belmont ave Vet since 2013.  Her love for all animals is evident, in the caring and meticulous way she makes sure their every need is met.  Whether your animal is staying in hospital or in our cattery, you can rest assured they will be kept comfortable, receive lots of attention and will be well looked after!

Robyne – Groomer

Robyne has been grooming at Belmont Ave since 2006.  She is passionate about the health and happiness of all dogs, which is why she loves grooming and working closely with clients to ensure their pet is comfortable all year round.

When not grooming, Robyne enjoys teaching grooming at Polytechnic West.  She counts it a privilege to educate students in how they can improve the health and well being of their own dogs, and dogs that come into their care.

Robyne’s free time is spent running a “Poodle Cross Rescue & Re-homing Group”, which gives her ample opportunity to put her grooming skills to good use, as many dogs come into care badly matted and needing lots of TLC.

Please feel free to contact Robyne if you wish to discuss how the grooming team can keep your dog looking and feeling great!

Rebecka – Groomer

Rebecka is one of our dog groomers, who has been at Belmont since March 2016.  She loves all animals, and really enjoys her job.  She has a Certficate III in Animal Studies and a Cert II in Pet Grooming.  She is happy to consult with clients on their pet’s grooming needs, and always delivers great results!

Clinic Cat


Brian has lived at Belmont Avenue Vet since he was a kitten, in 2010.  We’d love to tell you all about him, but we still haven’t quite figured him out!  His daily routine includes:  meowing to be let out, (and if he manages to sneak out) meowing to be let back in… and just ‘talking’ a lot, in general.  He enjoys watching the fish as he drinks from the fishpond, teasing dogs in the waiting room, and greeting all of the animals in hospital and our cattery.