Professional Dog Grooming Services in Belmont

About the Salon

At Belmont Clipping and Grooming Salon we offer the highest standard in all pet grooming both in regards to the quality of the clips and in the treatment of your best friend. Our groomers are fully trained, very experienced and can cater to all breeds and temperaments. We are open from Monday to Friday and appointments are essential. Generally pets are dropped off between 7.30am and 9.30am and can be collected at a time convenient to you.

Why should I get my dog groomed?

To some people “Dog Grooming” may conjure up images of expensive salons for fancy looking Poodles or spoilt Shih Tzus, however, for all breeds of dogs long or shorthaired, a certain level of grooming is essential to maintain healthy skin and coat.

Long and thick coated breeds should be combed frequently and completely to prevent knots and matts forming. Matts can pull tender skin, cause pain and lead to hot spots, irritated skin and eventual infection. If a dog becomes very matted, the only solution is to have your pet clipped short, as brushing out severe tangles is very painful and very cruel to your pet.

Added benefits of regular trips to the groomer include:

  • Your pet will feel, look and smell better
  • The prevention and early detection of skin, ear and dental problems
  • Your pet will be easier to groom at home
  • Free advice with regards to any problems your pet may have
  • The convenience of being able to have your pet wormed/vaccinated or seen by a vet while they are in for grooming.

How often should my pet be groomed?

We recommend that clipping and grooming should be started early as 8 weeks of age to enable your pet to be trained and become used to being handled, clipped and bathed. A puppy that has a good experience being groomed will grow to enjoy the process and grooming will become a pleasure for both pet and groomer alike.

For adult dogs, we suggest a visit to the salon for a full clip at least every 6-8 weeks for most long/medium haired breeds. This may vary depending upon how quickly your dog’s coat grows, how much you brush your pet and how you like you’re dog clipped.

To maintain dogs in optimum condition, regular appointments can be made for a fortnightly or weekly bath, blow dry and tidy up.

What is involved?

Different breeds require different levels of grooming, below is some information about the services we provide:

  • Bathing – includes a shampoo suitable for your dogs coat and skin, (we stock a large range of medicated shampoos for specific skin conditions), coat conditioner and flea shampoo or rinse can be used if needed.
  • The Works – includes a full clip, bath, blow dry, nail clip, ear pluck and clean, and checking of anal sacs. For any breed of dog from Poodles and Terrier to Collies and Golden Retrievers.
  • Bath and Groom Out – includes full groom out of all dead hair and matts (if possible), trimming of hair around face, feet and bottom, bath, blow dry, nail clip, ear pluck and clean, and checking of anal sacs. Suitable for long haired breeds of dogs such as Collies, Maltese, Old English and Samoyeds.
  • Bath/Blow Dry/Tidy Up – includes a bath, blow dry, trimming of hair around face, feet and bottom, nail clip, ear pluck and clean, and checking of anal sacs. Suitable for any medium/long haired breed in good condition.
  • Bath and Dry – includes a bath, blow dry and nail clip. Suitable for short to medium haired breeds such as Kelpies, Staffies and German Shepherds.
  • Bath Only – includes bath, towel dry and nail clip. Great for short haired dogs that dry quickly. This service can be done while you wait.
  • Hand Scissoring – This is a very involved and time consuming process that involves shaping a dog’s coat with scissors instead of using clippers. Scissoring can only be done on very well maintained coats and needs to be done more often, generally every four weeks. Also there is an added cost due to the extra time taken. Suitable for only small “fluffies” such as Poodles and Bichons.

We can clip your pet’s coat to any length or style you require, depending on the condition of the coat. Please, if you like your pet’s coat left long, it must be brushed and combed daily as this prevents the coat form matting. If you dog is very matted, we have no choice but to clip it short. A groomer is not a miracle worker. We cannot take a scruffy matted mess and turn it into a showstopper one visit. Also, please advise the groomer of any bad habits such as biting or any health problems such as arthritis or heart conditions to enable us to care for your pet in the most appropriate way.

If you have any queries or questions prior to making an appointment, Erin or Kelly will be more than happy to speak to you.